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  • 9. British River Fortifications (Great Redoubt)

    A cannon on a dark wooden carriage on a ridge top overlooks a river, with green hills and fields, and blue sky, in the background.

    British River Fortifications
    (Great Redoubt)

    The redoubts occupying this hill top, and the two to your left, were known collectively as the Great Redoubt. They protected the British hospital, artillery park, and baggage train along the narrow flood plain below. A bridge of boats temporarily spanned the Hudson, just below this hill. 

    Looking left, to the north, is one of the most dramatic vistas in the park. Across the Hudson, clearly visible, are Willard Mountain in Washington County, with the Green Mountains of Vermont beyond. 

    As you look north along the Hudson, and between the mountains, imagine yourself a cold, wet, and discouraged British soldier on reduced rations. After the two hard-fought Battles of Saratoga, safety and Ticonderoga are some 60 miles ahead of you, by foot. 

    Many visitors pause here to enjoy the view, take photographs, or visit wayside exhibits. Please feel free to do so.