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  • 200. Wilkinson Trail Kids' Tour - Intro

    A side view of a building with glass window sides, a cannon in the foreground, and a grassy lawn. Trees and a partly cloudy sky in the background.


    [Colonial violin music plays.]

    (Boy's voice: the Narrator)
    Hi! And welcome to the Wilkinson Trail!

    The Children’s Version of this audio-guided hike uses a shorter part of the trail, called the Liaison Trail.  Narrations for this tour go along with the Trail Station Markers.  

    Start playing each audio track when you get to its Trail Station: Track A at Station A, Track B at Station B, and so on.  Continue walking as you listen to each track.

    [Colonial violin music ends.]

    [Selection from "The White Cockade," courtesy David and Ginger Hildebrand]