NPS Saratoga National Park
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  • 111. Wilkinson Trail --Station K

    A trail marker post labeled Station K, Wilkinson Trail.

    Track 12: Station G 

    The hush of the forest! Imagine yourself moving on a path or wagon track through densely wooded land. You are away from the security of the river and always fearful of an enemy attack. You are a few thousand miles from home and traveling on unfamiliar terrain... your mind wanders as you think about facing American soldiers who believed their very way of life was in jeopardy. 

    You are now thinking and feeling like British soldiers as they followed this same path while advancing to the Freeman Farm area.  

    Did you know that America's most famous traitor was an important figure on the American side at Saratoga, and that his deeds here won him a monument...but without his name? Keep walking to hear the tale...but be careful, spies are afoot!